Lori Schwartz Reichl has written the following interviews that have been published in Teaching Music Magazine:


August 2021

"The Meaning of Mentorship" - Interview with Dr. Neil Anderson, Steve LitWiller, and Dr. Jamila L. McWhirter


January 2021

"The Promise of Artistic Process: Social Emotional Learning Aligns the Standards" - Interview with Jonathan Grantham, Darlene Machacon, Bobby Olson - Co-authored with Dr. Scott Edgar & Fran Kick


October 2020

"Generation Next: Sustaining Meaningful Music Programs in a Brave New World" - Interview with Dr. Rob Lyda, Dr. Deal Luethi, and Shemeka Nash


August 2020

"Role of the Opportunity to Learn Standards in a Virtual World" - Interview with Dr. Glenn E. Nierman


April 2020

"Exactly Where You Should Be" - Interview with Dr. Virginia Allen

"United Sound: Putting Passion to Practice" - Interview with Julie Duty


January 2020

"Stop, Drop, and Scroll: Tips to Improve Social Media Etiquette"

"Women with Batons Band Together" - Interview with Women Band Directors International: Dr. Judith E. Grimes, Dr. Catherine Rand, Dr. Courtney Snyder, Dr. Jill Sullivan, and Gladys Stone Wright


October 2019

"5 Skills of an Engaged and Enthusiastic Mentee"

"Teaching Composer Diversity" - Interview with Miriam Capellan, Dr. Emily Yap Chua, Dr. Rob Deemer, and Amy Rever-Oberle


April 2019

“Opening Doors for All Students" - Interview with NAfME Staff

“Planning the Best-Ever Band Camp" - Interview with Dr. Tremon Kizer

“A Resource for Diversity" - Interview with Dr. Rob Deemer

“Teaching Students with Dyslexia in the General Music Classroom" - Interview with Dr. Kimberly McCord


January 2019

“Accommodations & Modifications for Ukulele Players" - Interview with Philip Tamberino

“Ensuring Balance and Blend" - Interview with Greg Countryman

“Every Child’s Right" - Interview with Tooshar Swain and Lynn Tuttle

“In Memoriam Michele Holt: Executive Director of the Massachusetts Music Educators Association”

“Recognizing Excellence in Collaboration" - Interview with Dr. Frederick Burrack and Dr. Kelly A. Parkes


October 2018

“Inclusion at the NAfME Conference" - Interview with Dr. Alice Hammel

“Making a School Whole Again" - Interview with David Byrd


August 2018

“Learning from the Best" - Interview with Dr. Paula Crider, Dr. Matthew Spieker, and Victor Johnson

“The New NAfME President Measures Up" - Interview with Dr. Kathleen D. Sanz

“Teaming Up for Music Education" - Interview with Quaver, Little Kids Rock, NFHSA, Steinway, and TI:ME


April 2018

“Centers for Attention" - Interview with Dawn Sloan

“Meet the Conductors" - Interview with Dennis Glocke, Dr. Jean Montes, Dr. Michael Quantz, Dr. Amanda Quist, and Todd Stoll

“Pursuing His Passions of Faith, Family, Farm, and Music" - Interview with Fred Ritter


January 2018

“Music Is for All of Us" - Interview with Dr. Alice Hammel


October 2017

“Band Director of the Year" - Interview with Emily McNeil

“Blueprint for a Best Behaving Band" - Interview with Nancy Ditmer


August 2017

“Life Lessons from a Legend" - Interview with Stephen Massey