Lori Schwartz Reichl has written the following articles:


October 2021

“A Pathway to Perpetual Purpose and Pride: Sharing Stories About Ourselves"


September 2021

“Exponential Potential: All Ensemble Memebers Are Important"


August 2021

“It's a Brand New Day: How Will You Show It?"


July 2021

“If I Could Turn Back Time: A Letter to My Younger Self"


June 2021

“Has Your Flame Burned Out or Have You (Temporarily) Lost Your Spark?"


May 2021

“United Sound: Putting Passion to Practice"


April 2021

“Spring Forward. . .Remotely, When Necessary: Recognize the Importance of Recruiting All Students"


March 2021

“Now Is the Time! Music Education "Challenges" Core Curricula for First Chair"


February 2021

“Lessons Learned from the Space Shuttle Challenger's Explosion: Listen to Employees"


January 2021

“The Promise of Artistic Process: Part 2"


December 2020

“The Gift of Musical Language: It's a "Sign" of Service Amid Uncertain Times"


November 2020

“A Prelude to Performance: Instructional Methods for Introducing a Musical Selection"


October 2020

“The Promise of Artistic Process: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Aligns the Standards"


September 2020

“5 Skills of an Engaged and Enthusiastic Mentee"


August 2020

“Advising Students on Majoring in Music: A Little Nudge Can Do Them Good"


July 2020

“Stop, Drop, and Scroll: Questions to Guide Your Social Media Behavior"


June 2020

“Women with Batons Band Together"

“Ready, Set . . . Grow! Reflection and Refreshment Are Necessary for the Future of Music Education"


May 2020

“A Personal and Professional Pivot: Make It Simple, Not Stressful"


April 2020

“First Comes Love, Then Comes Mastery: Connecting Socially, Emotionally, and Virtually As a Community"


March 2020

“Spring Forward: Recognize the Importance of Recruitment Presentations"


February 2020

“Vision 2020: Did We Make Key Changes?"


January 2020

“Preparation for Adjudication: A Checklist for Success"


December 2019

“Speak the Language: Use Proper, Specific Music Vocabulary in Your Daily Instruction"


November 2019

“Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Am I Providing Opportunities Reflecting All?"


October 2019

"Do You Hear What I Hear? Isolating and Attacking Musical Phrases for Accuracy"


September 2019

"Sharpen Your Vision: Envisioning and Articulating Your Program's Future"

“Stronger Together: How to Get Administration on Your Side”


August 2019

"Everyday Networking: Forget the Rules and Just Be You"

"Make It Stick: Implement Rehearsal Routines" - #7 of NAfME's "Top 10 Most-Read Music Education Blogs of 2019"


July 2019

"Professionalism in Teaching: Treating the Pursuit of Excellence as a Daily Habit" - #9 of NAfME's "Top 10 Most-Read Music Education Blogs of 2019"


June 2019

“An Individual Path: Thinking Outside the Box When Making Career Changes”

“A Resource for Diversity: Interview with Dr. Rob Deemer”


May 2019

“The Concert Is Over. Now What?”


April 2019

“Summer Is Coming: Make a Musical Splash”


March 2019

“Get with the Program: It Can Be the Icing on a Concert's Cake”

“Opening Doors for All Students: 2019 National Conference”


February 2019

“In Memoriam Michele Holt: Executive Director of the Massachusetts Music Educators Association”

“Make It Stick: Implement Rehearsal Routines” - #7 of NAfME's "Top 10 Most-Read Music Education Blogs of 2019"


January 2019

“Maintain Your Musicianship: Dust Off Your Instrument and Experience the Benefits”

“Recognizing Excellence in Collaboration: Interview with Frederick Burrack & Kelly A. Parkes”


December 2018

“Friendship as Mentorship: Colleagues Can Be Your Best Resource Professionally and Personally”


November 2018

“Making a School Whole Again: Interview with David Byrd”

“Show Gratitude: Make Real Contact by Giving Thanks, and Meaning It”


October 2018

“Meet the Parents: Encourage Positive Interaction Before Instruction”


September 2018

“Build It and They Will Come: Recruiting and Retaining Students”


August 2018

“The New NAfME President Measures Up: Interview with Kathleen D. Sanz”

“The Power of Pause: How Storytelling Can Promote Rejuvenation in a Classroom


July 2018

“Management Potential: A Purposeful and Passionate Plan for Managing the Music Classroom”


June 2018

“A Motto for Success: The Surprising Benefits of Music Classroom Sloganeering”

“Pursuing His Passions of Faith, Family, Farm, and Music: Interview with Fred Ritter”


May 2018

“Prepare for Next Year: Reflection, Excitement, and Initiation Must Start Now”


April 2018

“Embrace Your Uniqueness: Gaining Inspiration Without Plagiarism”


March 2018

“Live Life Rosie(r): Spread Love Everywhere You Go”


February 2018

“Music Is for All of Us: Interview with Alice Hammel”

“Prepare to Be Judged: There Is No Better Adjudicator Than Yourself”


January 2018

“Stronger Together: How to Get Administration on Your Side”


October 2017

“2017 National Band Director of the Year: Interview with Emily McNeil”