Dr. Lori Schwartz Reichl is a champion of mentorship and motivation in education. Dr. Reichl's mission is to encourage educators and leaders to reflect on our teaching practices while making key changes to refresh strategies that represent a shared vision to enrich the classroom, company, and community. Dr. Reichl has transformed her mentoring work and nearly 100 articles into unique professional learning opportunities designed in the form of keynote speeches, professional development sessions, clinics, and webinars for which she is invited to present. Listed below are some of her most popular sessions.


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Sessions & Keynotes

"Build It and They Will Come: Recruiting and Retaining Students"

"Embrace Your Uniqueness: Strategies to Launch Your Career" - (collegiate only)

"First Comes Love, Then Comes Mastery: Connecting as a Community"

"Make It Stick: Implement Classroom and Rehearsal Routines"

"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Am I Providing Opportunities Reflecting All?"

"Preparation for Assessment: Succeeding at Musical Adjudications and/or Constructing Selected-Response Assessments"

"Professionalism in Teaching: Treating the Pursuit of Excellence as a Daily Habit"

"Stronger Together: Create, Collaborate, and Connect with Administrators"

"The Student Voice: Do Students See/Experience a Representation of Themselves in the Classroom/Curriculum"  (content based on Lori's doctoral research)


Professional Development Course

Choose any or all of the following sessions from the "Making Key Changes: Unlock Your Teaching Potential" course:

Session 1 - Perception Is Everything

Session 2 - Routines & Relationships Rule

Session 3 - Stronger Together: Create, Collaborate, and Connect with Administrators

Session 4 - Build It and They Will Come: Recruiting & Retaining Students

Session 5 - Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Am I Providing Opportunities Reflecting All?

Session 6 - Get With the Program: Organizing and Collaborating Performances

Session 7 - Preparation for Assessment: Succeeding at Adjudications and Constructing Selected-Response Assessments

Session 8 - The End is Near: Creating End-of-Year Procedures, Goals, and Gratitude



"Lori has a voice that resonates with educators far beyond the music classroom. – Motivational Speaker, Ohio


"Lori has a wealth of ideas that she has thought out and organized intelligently. She brings passion and energy to every session that keeps PD time lively and upbeat. Whether it be learning new ideas and perspectives or re-energizing and reinforcing established concepts, Lori is good for both! Highly recommend."   – Fine Arts Administrator, California


"I started off the day with an amazing clinic with Lori Schwartz Reichl! Book this amazing woman and learn about her programs! Her approach is absolutely infectious!" – High School Teacher, Pennsylvania


"Despite our different educational backgrounds, I was able to soak in Lori's knowledge like a sponge and apply it to my own classroom. Lori’s program has challenged me to provide as many mirrors and windows for my students as possible. I have been able to revamp the way my subject is looked at within my school building. I feel more confident as an educator after working with Lori." – Elementary School Teacher, Pennsylvania


"Dr. Reichl is the best! I took her class at The University of the Arts two summers ago. It changed the way I approach my job and build my program. Lori challenged me to become more thoughtful about every aspect of being a teacher, including designing assessments, recruiting students, ensuring equitable opportunities and representation, developing program policies, building program culture and identity, and interacting with parents. 'Making Key Changes' gave me tools to both better my program and improve my professionalism—tools that I still use every day." – Elementary & High School Teacher, Pennsylvania


"The 'Making Key Changes' workshop was one of the most enlightening PD sessions I’ve EVER been in!" – High School Teacher, New Jersey


"This was one of the most amazing and insightful presentations I've ever attended at PMEA about the importance of representation in the Music Classroom and so much more! Definitely check out Dr. Reichl's work! – Lower & Middle School Teacher, Pennsylvania


"I recently saw an AWESOME session by Lori Schwartz Reichl! Her talks ALWAYS force me to reevaluate what I am doing in the classroom!!!" – Elementary School Teacher, South Carolina


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