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Lori Schwartz Reichl



Making Key Changes: Refresh Your Music Program



Are you in search of mentorship and motivation? Do you need to recharge your teaching techniques for face-to-face and/or remote instruction? Discover a successful plan to organize efficiently, instruct skillfully, manage behaviors immediately, communicate clearly, and collaborate inclusively. Course assignments are developed with the intention of immediate implementation to your classroom/rehearsal space/program. Topics will include refreshing various parts of your program, such as an inclusive vision, mission statement, motto, handbook/syllabus, classroom management, rehearsal routines, behavioral plan, administrative support, recruitment/retention, collaborative performance opportunities, assessment, concert programming, organizational procedures, professional development, cultural diversity, and other topics relevant to participants' needs. Sharpen your vision! Make key changes to refresh your music program!

The course is based on Lori's diverse experiences of teaching in rural, Title I, and corrective action schools and the thoughts, strategies, and techniques she employed in collaboration with all program stakeholders – students, families, colleagues, administration, and community supporters to ensure an inclusive learning environment. The course is a creative mentorship and motivational approach intended to encourage reflection, inspiration, collaboration, creation, and ultimately – refreshment!

The course content is extracted from Lori's monthly column: Peruse the readings! 


Date, Time, Location

The University of the Arts virtual

  • Week 1: Tuesday June 22 & Thursday, June 24 @ 10:00 am ET - 1:30 pm ET virtual

  • Week 2: Tuesday, June 29 & Thursday, July 1 @ 10:00 am ET - 1:30 pm ET virtual

  • Week 3: Tuesday, July 6 & Thursday, July 8 @ 10:00 am ET - 1:30 pm ET virtual


VanderCook College of Music

  • TBA



3 graduate credits