NAfME's Music in a Minuet Blog

Lori Schwartz Reichl has had the following articles reprinted with permission for the National Association for Music Education:


January 2021

“The Promise of Artistic Process: Part 2"


December 2020

“The Gift of Musical Language: It's a "Sign" of Service Amid Uncertain Times"


November 2020

“A Prelude to Performance: Instructional Methods for Introducing a Musical Selection"


October 2020

“The Promise of Artistic Process: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Aligns the Standards"


September 2020

“5 Skills of an Engaged and Enthusiastic Mentee"


August 2020

“Advising Students on Majoring in Music: A Little Nudge Can Do Them Good"


July 2020

“Stop, Drop, and Scroll: Questions to Guide Your Social Media Behavior"


June 2020

“Women with Batons Band Together"

“Ready, Set . . . Grow! Reflection and Refreshment Are Necessary for the Future of Music Education"


May 2020

“A Personal and Professional Pivot: Make It Simple, Not Stressful"


April 2020

“First Comes Love, Then Comes Mastery: Connecting Socially, Emotionally, and Virtually As a Community"


March 2020

“Spring Forward: Recognize the Importance of Recruitment Presentations"


February 2020

“Vision 2020: Did We Make Key Changes?"


January 2020

“Preparation for Adjudication: A Checklist for Success"


December 2019

“Speak the Language: Use Proper, Specific Music Vocabulary in Your Daily Instruction"


November 2019

“Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Am I Providing Opportunities Reflecting All?"


October 2019

"Do You Hear What I Hear? Isolating and Attacking Musical Phrases for Accuracy"


September 2019

"Sharpen Your Vision: Envisioning and Articulating Your Program's Future"

“Stronger Together: How to Get Administration on Your Side”


August 2019

"Everyday Networking: Forget the Rules and Just Be You"

"Make It Stick: Implement Rehearsal Routines" - #7 of NAfME's "Top 10 Most-Read Music Education Blogs of 2019"


July 2019

"Professionalism in Teaching: Treating the Pursuit of Excellence as a Daily Habit" - #9 of NAfME's "Top 10 Most-Read Music Education Blogs of 2019"


June 2019

“An Individual Path: Thinking Outside the Box When Making Career Changes”

“A Resource for Diversity: Interview with Dr. Rob Deemer”


May 2019

“The Concert Is Over. Now What?”


April 2019

“Summer Is Coming: Make a Musical Splash”


March 2019

“Get with the Program: It Can Be the Icing on a Concert's Cake”

“Opening Doors for All Students: 2019 National Conference”


February 2019

“In Memoriam Michele Holt: Executive Director of the Massachusetts Music Educators Association”

“Make It Stick: Implement Rehearsal Routines” - #7 of NAfME's "Top 10 Most-Read Music Education Blogs of 2019"


January 2019

“Maintain Your Musicianship: Dust Off Your Instrument and Experience the Benefits”

“Recognizing Excellence in Collaboration: Interview with Frederick Burrack & Kelly A. Parkes”


December 2018

“Friendship as Mentorship: Colleagues Can Be Your Best Resource Professionally and Personally”


November 2018

“Making a School Whole Again: Interview with David Byrd”

“Show Gratitude: Make Real Contact by Giving Thanks, and Meaning It”


October 2018

“Meet the Parents: Encourage Positive Interaction Before Instruction”


September 2018

“Build It and They Will Come: Recruiting and Retaining Students”


August 2018

“The New NAfME President Measures Up: Interview with Kathleen D. Sanz”

“The Power of Pause: How Storytelling Can Promote Rejuvenation in a Classroom


July 2018

“Management Potential: A Purposeful and Passionate Plan for Managing the Music Classroom”


June 2018

“A Motto for Success: The Surprising Benefits of Music Classroom Sloganeering”

“Pursuing His Passions of Faith, Family, Farm, and Music: Interview with Fred Ritter”


May 2018

“Prepare for Next Year: Reflection, Excitement, and Initiation Must Start Now”


April 2018

“Embrace Your Uniqueness: Gaining Inspiration Without Plagiarism”


March 2018

“Live Life Rosie(r): Spread Love Everywhere You Go”


February 2018

“Music Is for All of Us: Interview with Alice Hammel”

“Prepare to Be Judged: There Is No Better Adjudicator Than Yourself”


January 2018

“Stronger Together: How to Get Administration on Your Side”


October 2017

“2017 National Band Director of the Year: Interview with Emily McNeil”