Teaching Music Magazine

All interviews are published in Teaching Music Magazine (mailed to all National Association for Music Education members).


October 2019

“5 Skills of an Engaged and Enthusiastic Mentee"

“Teaching Composer Diversity" - Interview with Miriam Capellan, Dr. Emily Yap Chua, Dr. Rob Deemer, Amy Rever-Oberle


April 2019

“Opening Doors for All Students" - Interview with NAfME Staff

“Planning the Best-Ever Band Camp" - Interview with Dr. Tremon Kizer

“A Resource for Diversity" - Interview with Dr. Rob Deemer

“Teaching Students with Dyslexia in the General Music Classroom" - Interview with Dr. Kimberly McCord


January 2019

“Accommodations & Modifications for Ukulele Players" - Interview with Philip Tamberino

“Ensuring Balance and Blend" - Interview with Greg Countryman

“Every Child’s Right" - Interview with Tooshar Swain & Lynn Tuttle

“In Memoriam Michele Holt: Executive Director of the Massachusetts Music Educators Association”

“Recognizing Excellence in Collaboration" - Interview with Dr. Frederick Burrack & Dr. Kelly A. Parkes


October 2018

“Inclusion at the NAfME Conference" - Interview with Dr. Alice Hammel

“Making a School Whole Again" - Interview with David Byrd


August 2018

“Learning from the Best" - Interview with Dr. Paula Crider, Dr. Matthew Spieker, Victor Johnson

“The New NAfME President Measures Up" - Interview with Kathleen D. Sanz

“Teaming Up for Music Education" - Interview with Quaver, Little Kids Rock, NFHSA, Steinway, TI:ME


April 2018

“Centers for Attention" - Interview with Dawn Sloan

“Meet the Conductors" - Interview with Dennis Glocke, Dr. Jean Montes, Dr. Michael Quantz, Dr. Amanda Quist, Todd Stoll

“Pursuing His Passions of Faith, Family, Farm, and Music" - Interview with Fred Ritter


January 2018

“Music Is for All of Us" - Interview with Dr. Alice Hammel


October 2017

“Band Director of the Year" - Interview with Emily McNeil

“Blueprint for a Best Behaving Band" - Interview with Nancy Ditmer


August 2017

“Life Lessons from a Legend" - Interview with Stephen Massey